Food Consulting

Food Product Development


We develop exceptional new food products and provide technical services including food product research, food development, recipe modification, and more. Our consumer-focused approach helps our clients stay current and competitive. Let us tell you how we can help!

Townley Associates develops relevant products.

Food Safety Expert Witness

As a result of his industry experience, Roger Townley has served as an expert witness in many food related legal cases over the last 25 years. The cases he has testified in have involved food safety, food-borne illness, food-processing, food-ingredients, and patent infringement. Contact Townley Associates to learn more.

Food Industry Services 

• Food product research, development and modification

• Marketing & market research

• Strategic planning

• Food product formulations using nutritional and clean label ingredients

• Commercialization of food products for retail and food service

• Development of functional foods

• Expert witness consultation

Townley Associates has years of technical experience to make your food products reach their potential.

What is a Food Scientist?

At least once a month someone asks me: “What is a Food Scientist?" 

To help explain the answer, I ask the questioner, “What did you have for breakfast today?" Based on their reply, I explain that a food scientist utilizes biology, chemistry, physics and other earth sciences to create, develop, process, package, test, distribute, market and sell the foods we consume.

From seed to retail and restaurants, a food scientist is involved at every step to ensure that food is great tasting, safe, nutritious, consistent and affordable.

My particular specialization as a food scientist is in food product development. Beginning with a consumer driven or market driven idea, I assist in the design and creation of the final food product the customer purchases at their favorite store or restaurant.

-Roger Townley, President | Townley Associates